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Steel bridge design including horizontal and vertical alignments
Concrete design of footings, slabs, beams, walls & columns
Rigid frame steel building analysis, design & construction
Field inspects for project specification & code compliance
Forensic research of failed structural elements

Ready - Slump (US pat. no. 6484079)
Invented a computer based process control system that can accurately measure, adjust and document the "water to cement" ratio for a batch of Ready Mix concrete from the time it is loaded until it is poured.  Slumps can be achieved within 1/2" accuracy without driver envolvment. (currently available through RS Solutions).

Economic Boundaries
A)  The development of an analytical model calculating the most cost efficient solution from multiple distribution points.  Margins are optimized after careful consideration of material costs, loading times, round trip transport costs and customer utilization.

B)  The determination of  a "competitive pricing" model for any given market supplied by multiple competitors of differing distances and terminal net pricing.

Optimizing Cement / Pozzolan / Aggregate  Mix Designs
Dynamic analysis of blended cements, pozzolans (GBFS, Flyash, Micro Silica, etc.) and aggregates to determine the most cost effective, performance based solutions. Workability, finish-ability, setting times and aged based strength profiles are measured against the clients unique requirements.

Extended Life Mortars
Managed an extended life masonry mortar business with central batching facilities and delivered gray and custom colored "wet" mortars in bulk and handy, 2/3 cubic foot, clear plastic bags.  Produced N, S & M mortars and masonry stucco.
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