With many companies "Gutted" of their experienced personnel during this unprecedented economic down turn, doing business as usual is simply not an option!

As industry consultants, with executive and operational experience in readymix concrete, concrete products and design, aggregates, cement and allied products, our group will confer with your management team to perform a strategic and tactical review of  your company.  We will Analyze - Identify - Quantify - Advise - Execute the actionable items that will move your company toward greater viability and financial success.
Innovative  -  Creative  -  Out of the Box Thinking
  • Growth potential
greenfield expansions
new product lines
  • Asset alignment & allocation
fixed plant aligment for efficient market coverage
mobile fleet allocation to balance with demand
efficient coverage of management
  • Economic boundaries
optimize distribution from multiple locations
determine geographic "break-even" between sources
determine maximum shipping distances from source
  • S.W.O.T analysis
  • Material cost optimization
optimum blends of portland, GBFS - slag & flyash
optimum mix designs for product performance
optimum aggregate blends
  • Mobile IT applications
Iphone, Ipad, Blackberry & others
Increase field personnel effectiveness
Customer friendly applications increasing retention
Interface with dispatch, sales & credit systems
  • Customer Focus Workshops
Identify customer related issues & concerns
Re-define "customer friendly" management focus
  • Managing internal conflicts