Civil & Structural Consulting

With over 35 years of comprehensive experience in Ready Mix concrete, portland cement, aggregates,civil & structural engineering, our company is ideally positioned to deliver tremendous value to our clients.  A thorough understanding of cement chemistry, aggregate properties, concrete mix design methods, concrete production and structural design provides our clients with a more realistic view of what to expect and how to optimize the performance of these systems for project success.

Whether your starting from scratch, "value" re-engineering, restoring or remodeling, our group can get you there on time and on budget.

  • Board-certified professional engineer
  • Civil / Structural / Planning / Zoning
  • Designs in concrete, block, structural steel, rigid frames, timber Ready Mix concrete design, plant construction & operations
  • Concrete products; Block, pipe, paver design construction & operations
  • Crushed Aggregate and natural sand mines
  • Costruction scheduling and Inspections
  • Expert Legal Witness
  • Forensic testing and design
  • Invented Ready-Slump (US #6484079)
  • Executive management of $550M annual sales, vertically integrated, building materials company
Engineering Consultant
  • Civil
  • Structural
  • Planning
  • Project Management
  • Inspection Services
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Expert Witness
Industry Expert
  • Executive Management
  • SWOT Strategies
  • R/M, Block, Products, Aggregates
  • Operational Excellance
  • Technical Innovations
  • Mobile IT Solutions
  • Training & Motivation
RA Buckelew & Associates
Consulting Engineers
Industry Expert